Broadband Distribution Specialist (BDS)

Certifies proficiency in the subject matter related to the RF distribution of signals. All aspects of the network from the optical node to the distribution tap are included in thiscertification curriculum. Specifics include:

  • System Architectures—design principles and HFC architectures;
  • Distribution Components—actives, passives and coaxial cable;
  • Signal Types—analog, modulation schemes, frequency spectrum and impairments;
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting—sweeping, FCC Rules, return path, test equipment, status monitoring and troubleshooting techniques;
  • Safety and Construction—personal protective equipment, ladders, pole climbing, equipment and vehicle operation.
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Requirements: One (1) proctored 50-question multiple-choice exam, no prerequisites
Exam Time Limit: 2 hours
Exam Cost: SCTE•ISBE members: $105; Non-members: $135

Especialista en Distribución de Banda Ancha (BDS-Spanish)

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