Engineering Committee


The Engineering Committee is responsible for all standards and recommended practices activities of the Society. Any Committees, subcommittees, and working groups or task forces necessary for standards and practices development will report to the Engineering Committee.

Committee Members


Ralph Brown
  Simpson Cumba
Comcast Cable, Inc. 
  Craig Cuttner
Time Warner Inc. 
Juan Perez-Diez
Liberty Global 
  David Fellows
  Kevin Gantt
CommScope, Inc. 
George Hart
Rogers Communications Inc. 
  Paul Hearty
Sony Electronics, Inc. 
  Ron Hranac 
Cisco Systems, Inc. 
Jerry Parkins 
Comcast Cable 
Richard Prodan 
Broadcom Corporation 
Andy Scott  
 Nick Segura 
Charter Communications 
Steve Watkins
Cox Communications

Joe Jensen

Buckeye CableSystem