Interactive Education

SCTE’s interactive education aims to enhance the knowledge of cable engineers, whether a technician, senior manager or executive, through a variety of cable networks simulation challenges or trivia activities. In 2012, SCTE launched two new interactive opportunities which are now available for you to test your cable and energy knowledge.

Technology Tower Trivia

Making its debut at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2012 the Technology Tower Trivia provides members the opportunity to test their cable knowledge through five cable related categories by climbing the pyramid and wagering points with each question.

Make it to the top and win the Technology Tower Trivia. Stuck on a category? SCTE offers a wide array of technical resources and courses to help you strengthen your knowledge in that key area.

Climb the Technology Tower Trivia

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Energy Trivia Challenge

With SCTE leading the cable industry's strategic plan for smart energy it’s important for members to know the vast knowledge of power, density, and performance growth so they can continue to control costs and improve efficiencies. Test your energy knowledge!

Answer questions in 5 rounds of energy related categories to charge the battery level. By answering all 5 questions correctly, the battery will fully charge and you win the energy trivia challenge. Need guidance on an answer? SCTE and its partner Alpha Technologies are here to assist you with a 50/50, poll the audience, and ask SCTE.

Take the Energy Trivia Challenge

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Who Wants to Be a Cable Expert?

Try your luck with SCTE’s Who Wants to be a Cable Expert. Answer questions in ten cable related categories to become a cable expert. Lifelines are available to help you along- use them wisely!

Play Who Wants to be a Cable Expert

Who Wants to be a Cable Expert debuted at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2011 and instantly became a popular hit amongst show attendees. In 2012, Who Wants to be a Cable Expo was nominated for a CableFAXIE award.

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Stay tuned for more interactive education benefits.