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LiveLearning Webinars™ for Executives is an exclusive benefit of the new SCTE•ISBE Executive Membership type. This membership type is open to all cable professionals that hold a position of director level and above. As part of Executive Membership, you will have access to quarterly LiveLearning Webinars™ for Executives. Non- executive members can attend for a $50 registration fee.

Executive Webinar: Instinctual Leadership

When: Thursday, March 8th, 2018 
Time: 2:00-3:00pm ET (11:00am PT) 
SCTE•ISBE Executive Member Price: Free
SCTE•ISBE Professional Member Price: $50
Nonmember Price: $50

The webinar will be presented on Thursday, March 8th from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET by Mario Sikora. In this webinar, Mario Sikora will look at three habitual personality patterns that shape what aspects of leadership and performance we focus on, what we tend to neglect, and how this can hinder our success. These patterns, called "instinctual biases", influence every aspect of our lives. You will learn to recognize your habitual behaviors and implicit values more accurately and acquire tools for capitalizing on the strengths of the biases, as well as for overcoming their vulnerabilities. It will help you understand the root of many conflicts in organizations (most of which are rooted in a clash of instinctual values) and how you can resolve these conflicts more effectively.

Mario Sikora is president of the consulting firm Awareness to Action International and ATAI’s senior executive coach. For nearly 20 years he has advised leaders in large organizations across the globe. He has worked with leaders in numerous multinational corporations, including Motorola, TE Connectivity, Dow Chemicals, Panasonic, Arris Inc., Rovi Corp., and Johnson & Johnson. 



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