SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge

The annual SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge provides cable professionals an opportunity to showcase their IP knowledge by competing in a blended-style Jeopardy match that includes traditional questions, router and CMTS configuration, and hands-on activities. The SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge consisted of two online virtual qualifier matches and an in-person live final.

2018's winner

Kevin Troub, IP Specialist, Cable One Inc. – 2017—2018 winner


2016 SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge 
Alexander E. Morong

Cable One
2015 SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge
Robert Peiers

Cable One

2014 SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge
Jamie Griffin

Full Channel, Inc.


2013 SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge
Kenneth Corbett

Charter Communications


2012 SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge
Bradford Chatterjee

Cable ONE


2011 SCTE•ISBE IP Challenge
Inaugural Winner
Steve Callahan

Time Warner Cable

Congratulations to our top 13 high scorers who attended Cable-Tec Expo!

Viktar Bialou, Network Tech, XOC NSD, Comcast Cable Communications
Jamie Griffin, Director of Technology, Full Channel, Inc
James Guidry, ISP Engineer II, Charter Communications Inc
Cody Hall, IP Specialist, Cable One Inc
John Holt, Principal Network Engineer, Charter Communications Inc
Alexander Morong, Lead IP Specialist, Cable One Inc
Robert Peiers, IP Engineer II, Cable One Inc
Fernando Ramos Barraza, IP Specialist, Cable One Inc
Jeremy Schmeichel, Principal Network Engineer, Vast Broadband
Kevin Troub, IP Specialist, Cable One Inc
Larry Urueta, IP Engineer II, Cable One Inc
Douglas Van Gesse,l IP Specialist II, Cable One Inc
John Wiser, Network Engineer, Cable One