Multimedia Over Coax Alliance

Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA)


Multimedia over Coax Alliance, or MoCA, is a technology for the interconnection of home devices over coaxial cable. The MoCA protocol allows cable operators to distribute content over a customer home coaxial network by utilizing frequencies outside traditional cable services like video, voice and data. MoCA may be used to share content from a centralized digital video recorder (DVR) set-top box (STB) or improve Wi-Fi services in the home. Participants will learn how the MoCA technology operates, compare the different versions of the protocol and recognize RF loss found in MoCA networks. Additionally, the course cover the steps for proper installation and ways to troubleshoot the technology.


Target Audience:

* Customer Facing Installers

* Customer Facing Technicians

* Service Technicians

* Customer Service Representatives

* Field Operation Teams

* Broadband Professionals

* Network Operation Center and related positions


Course Length:

Online: 2 hours

Onsite: 1/4 days


Upon Successful Course Completion Participants will receive:

* Course Completion Certificate


Course Objectives:


Upon completion of this interactive course, learners will be able to:


* Define the operation, frequencies and modulation used by the MoCA protocol

* Contrast the MoCA and cable network frequencies

* Classify the features and advances of each MoCA version deployed by cable operators

* Differentiate the types of RF signal loss found in MoCA networks

* Categorize the steps required to perform an effective MoCA installation

* Identify various causes that inhibit the performance of MoCA networks

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