Critical Facilities: Infrastructure

The Critical infrastructure course highlights the design process of a critical facility and takes a deep dive into the support systems that keep the facility up and running. It is important to know where to place the critical facility in the network so that service is not impacted by regional codes and hazards from mother nature or human. The choice to build a new facility or use an existing building in the footprint of the operator’s network have different impacts on the design. The different support systems from powering, HVAC, cabling, and fire protection shape the design of the critical facility. The critical infrastructure course will give you a foundation of how to make changes to the design so that all pieces fit together.

Target Audience:

This course is designed for individuals that will be auditing or working in the critical facility such as headend and hub sites or a person in the organization tasked to manage facilities.

Duration: 7 hours

Included in the Course:

  • In-depth interactive eBook™ modules 
  • CORTEX mobile app to access eBook modules in the field 
  • Engaging and Interactive LightningMod™ to prepare learner for training 
  • Course final exam
  • Fun VirtuGame™ to improve absorption and retention of competencies 

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • SCTE·ISBE Broadband TelecomCenter Specialist

Requirements for Successful Course Completion:

  • Completion of Final exam with a passing grade of 70%
  • Completion of SCTE·ISBE course feedback form

Subject Areas:

  • Design process
  • site selection
  • computer room design
  • facility support systems
  • powering
  • HVAC
  • Cabling
  • fire protection
  • physical and logical security

Upon Successful Course Completion You Will Receive:

  • SCTE·ISBE Course Completion Certificate
  • 1 recertification unit (RU) toward SCTE·ISBE certification renewal

Course Lessons:

Lesson 01: Design Process

Lesson 02: Facilities Support System

Lesion 03: Physical and Logical Security

Course Lessons:

Lesson 01: design process

Upon successful completion of this topic, the learner will be able to:

  • Explore design process
  • Examine site selection
  • Compare computer room designs

Lesson 02: facilities support system

Upon successful completion of this topic, the learner will be able to:

  • Explore facilities support system
  • Examine powering systems
  • Identify HVAC systems
  • Discuss cabling standards
  • Explore fire protection systems

Lesson 03: physical and logical security

Upon successful completion of this topic, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify security systems
  • Explore site monitoring

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