Fiber Restoration


The fiber restoration course is designed to provide the knowledge required for restoring optical services in a safe and timely manner.  Topics include optical safety, restoration techniques, responding to optical outages, preparing the fiber and splices.  The final portion of the course will explore the equipment used to perform optical testing to verify optical restoration.


Broadband Distribution Specialist or equivaent

Target Audience:

  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Outside Plant Personnel


Requirements for Successful Course Completion:

  • Module quizzes 70% or higher
  • Course final test 70% or higher



Course Modules:

Module 01: Optical Safety
Module 02: Fiber Restoration Techniques
Module 03: Responding to Optical Outages
Module 04: Fiber Prep
Module 05: Splices
Module 06: Optical Testing

Course Objectives


Module 01 Optical Safety

  • Define OSHA role as it related to optical fiber.
  • Apply safe work practices when working with optical fibers.
  • Apply safe work practices when working with related optical equipment.
  • Examine the inherent hazards when handling fibers and LASERs.
  • Understand the inherent hazards when working in a teardown scenario.

Module 02 Fiber Restoration Techniques

  • Understand the importance of service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Explain recommended restoration practices and procedures used by cable operators.
  • Develop an optical restoration plan.

Module 03 Responding to Optical Outages

  • Assurance and how it fits in the CableLabs Cable Information Architecture (CIA) Model
  • Fault management
  • Incident management as a process
  • Optical outage case examples


Module 04 Fiber Prep

  • Understand how to read and utilize the fiber color codes.
  • Describe the tools used during splicing.
  • List the steps to prep a fiber cable.
  • List the steps to prep a fiber tray.
  • Describes the steps for stripping, cleaning and cleaving the fiber.


Module 05 Splices

  • Contrast the splicing types used by cable operators.
  • List the cleaving steps performed on fiber.
  • Recognize the process to properly install mechanical and fusion splices on single-mode fiber.
  • Recognize the steps used to protect fiber and splices using enclosures.
  • List the steps to assemble an enclosure.

Module 06 Optical Testing

  • Understand the fundamentals of optical link testing.
  • Describe the specifications and applications of various types of optical test equipment.
  • Describe the use of an optical loss test set (OLTS) and Optical Return Loss Test Set (ORLTS) to conduct optical power measurements.
  • Describe the use of an optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) to conduct optical distance and loss measurements.
  • Understand the tests that should be run in a troubleshooting situation.

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