Distributed Access Architecture Essentials


Operators are changing their access network architectures to keep pace with the demand from residential, commercial and wireless customers. Technologies, like FTTx, and the move to distribute access architectures (DAA) will increase the amount of traffic on a telecommunication network. There a couple of DAA architectures available to the operators for deployment in today’s network.  The distributed access architecture essentials course covers the evolution of the hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) access network to accommodate higher bandwidth. The course provides the essential knowledge for learners in remote PHY and remote MAC/PHY architectures. Finally, upgrades at the node and modification in the headend are examined throughout the course.

Duration: 7 Hours

Recommended Prerequisite:

  • SCTE·ISBE Broadband Premises Installation and Services
  • SCTE·ISBE Broadband Distribution Fundamentals or equivalent (i.e., SCTE·ISBE BDS)

Target Audience:

  • Field Operation Teams
  • Network Operation Center and related positions
  • System Technicians and OSP Technicians
  • Headend Technicians and Critical Facilities Technicians


 Included in the Course:

  • Engaging and Interactive LightningMod™ to prepare learner for training 
  • In-depth interactive eBook modules 
  • CORTEX™ mobile app to access eBook modules in the field 
  • Module assessments
  • Course final exam
  • Fun VirtuGame™ to improve absorption and retention of competencies 
  • SCTE·ISBE course completion certificate
  • 2 recertification units (RUs) towards SCTE·ISBE certification renewal


Requirements for Successful Course Completion:

  • Module quizzes 70% or higher
  • Course final test 70% or higher

You may take the course final test up to 3 times.


Self-paced interactive Online Course:
Learners start the SCTE·ISBE VirtuLearn™ course at any time, study at their own pace, and have access to dynamic online content after they register. On average, learners will spend approximately 2 to 3 hours per week over 8 weeks completing course activities. SCTE·ISBE provides access to the course for 3 years from date of purchase.

System Requirements:
A high speed Internet (HSI) connection, Internet browser with HTML 5 support. For tablet or smartphone access, HTML 5 may be used for online eBook content.

Instructor-Led Onsite Boot Camp Course:
The SCTE·ISBE VirtuLearn™ course may be delivered as an onsite boot camp over 2 days.

Course access information will be emailed when the course is purchased.

Course Modules:


Module 01: DAA overview (3.5 hours)

Module 02: Remote PHY Components (5 hours)

Module 03: Remote PHY Deployment (6 hours)


Course Learning Objectives:


Module 01: DAA overview

  • Identify current system architectures
  • Explore distributed access architecture, or DAA
  • Examine centralized architectures versus distributed architectures
  • Explore virtualization
  • Identify remote physical (PHY) benefits
  • Explore distributed access architecture (DAA) challenges

 Module 02: Remote PHY Components

  • Explore modular headend architectures
  • Identify remote PHY device, or RPD, details
  • Examine downstream external remote interface
  • Explore upstream external remote interface
  • Understand remote digital timing interface

 Module 03: Remote PHY Deployment

  • Examine remote PHY deployment
  • Explore distributed access architecture (DAA) testing and troubleshooting
  • Explore how DAA helps the latest DOCSIS specification
  • Examine how DAA affects a fiber deep architecture
  • Define the remote MAC/PHY architecture
  • Examine remote MAC/PHY with an edge QAM (EQAM)
  • Explore remote MAC/PHY without an EQAM

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