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Broadband Library
Welcome to the award-winning Broadband Library, the leading source for technical articles by experts in the broadband industry. This Quarterly publication, an exclusive member benefit for SCTE members, has been sharing information for 20 years through industry leaders. This People and Product resource is a must read.
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Broadband Technology Report
Broadband Technology Report (BTR) is the leading online technology publication aimed at helping broadband engineers deploy the highest-performance system possible. BTR's portfolio includes online, e-newsletter, print, and video. BTR is also the presented of the annual Diamond Technology Reviews - the industry's leading product review program. All SCTE members will receive a free subscription to the digital Broadband Technology Report

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CED Magazine
CED is the premier broadband technology magazine that helps broadband professionals understand emerging technologies and the supporting businesses that surround them. All SCTE members will receive a free subscription to digital CED magazine.

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Heavy Reading  

Heavy Reading Research
As an SCTE member, you qualify for 25% off Heavy Reading Research Reports and Market Tracker Services, a savings of up to $1,500. Simply visit and add the promo code to your shopping cart at checkout. Use Promo Code HRDMSCTE25 for a 25% discount on Research Reports & Market Tracker Services. This discount does not apply to custom research products.

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Light Reading  

Light Reading Cable
Sign up for Light Reading Cable's Weekly Newsletter where cable technology journalist Jeff Baumgartner brings you the most relevant stories from some of the most interesting voices in the cable industry. SCTE members receive this publication free of charge - Click here to register

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