SCTE/ISBE Chapters - Your Local Connection

SCTE/ISBE Chapters provide local networking, professional development, and SCTE certification opportunities to SCTE current and prospective members in over 72 locations across the globe. SCTE’s Chapter members are the most active in the Society and are dedicated to educating broadband engineers on the latest technologies and leadership skills necessary to be successful.

All SCTE members are invited to participate in chapter events. There are no additional dues or membership fees. In addition to educational seminars, chapters also offer:

To get involved and find a chapter in your area, please use the list of chapters . If you are interested in starting a chapter in the United States or an International Affiliate, please contact the Chapter Support department (

If you are a current chapter leader and would like to visit the   support area, please visit Chapter Officer Resources    .

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"Local chapter training represents the most training hours provided to the greatest number of SCTE/ISBE members throughout the year. The Chapter meetings and events often provide the only training and industry information outside of members' day-to-day work environment that goes beyond the essential company-provided job-related material. SCTE Chapter sessions compliment the employer's efforts to develop a capable technical team member AND they provide the participant with a wider understanding of the business."

- Wayne Hall, VP of Engineering for Comcast