SCTE Logo Usage Policies

Promoting SCTE membership serves to highlight professionalism and dedication to the industry. By utilizing the SCTE logo, individuals, chapters and organizations can show their support for the Society and identify their involvement with the industry’s technical leader. The following groups are entitled to use the SCTE logo:

  • Individual SCTE members, in good standing. This includes members from any of the recognized membership types or classifications (Emeritus, Retired, Student, Senior, Fellow, or Charter).
  • Expo Partner Members, in good standing. Expo Members may only use the logo with the text "Expo Partner Member" and should in no way use the logo to imply individual membership for any one individual.
  • SCTE Chapters. SCTE Chapters may use the SCTE Chapter logos to identify and associate them as part of the SCTE. Chapter logos are available through the Chapter Officer Resource (CORe) section of this website.

When utilizing the SCTE logo, individuals, chapters or organizations:

  • May not use the logo to imply that a member is in any way an agent of SCTE or that SCTE warrants, approves or endorses any product or service.
  • May not alter, redraw or reset the image in any way. Original height-to-width proportions (aspect ratios) must be maintained. Artwork for the SCTE logo is available to members electronically by clicking here .
  • Must include the ® (superscript) in all instances in which the logo is used.

Complete logo usage guidelines are available in the Guide to Logo and Graphic Usage. All logo usage by members must be in compliance with the logo usage policy outlined in the SCTE Policies and Procedures manual, pages 28-32.


Logo usage by nonmembers is prohibited without obtaining prior written approval and consent from SCTE. To request such approval, please send your name, address, phone number and logo
request, including intended use, to logo@scte.org.

For questions regarding logo usage, please contact the SCTE Marketing Department.